'Oyster', looking at the well-being and protection of our inland waterways and estuaries through the daily routines, chaos and drama of a lively, hard-working second generation Australian oyster farming family.  


The bursting flavour of a Sydney Rock Oyster releases the salty taste of the lake but gives nothing away in regards to the fragile environment it grew up in or the story of the family, the farm, the hard work or sacrifices put in by the farmer who raised it.

"The oyster has been called the canary in the estuary, for the death of an oyster can reveal environmental changes or pollution that might have gone unnoticed."

— kim beamish, Filmmaker


Observational in style, Oyster stands back to watch and witness. To sit as close to our characters as we can so as to become really intimate with the world they are experiencing. Inviting the audience in, as if they are almost becoming a character too, a part of what is going on, and a part of the character’s experience.

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Our Style:

By documenting a specific microcosm of a farming family on Australia's south-east coast, 'Oyster' presents its audience with a story, a landscape, an environment and characters who face practical, ethical and personal decisions about things that matter to them - feeding their family, getting the boys to school, running the farm, keeping their crop of oysters healthy and figuring out whether to ramp up production to sell their oysters into the international market.


'Oyster' focuses on the realities our young oyster farming family. Having to deal not only with nature, its storms, tides and the life cycle of the oysters they harvest, but with the whims of markets thousands of kilometres away and the unprecedented changes in the environment increasingly brought about by humans. Those changes seem compounded by our demand for bigger and better, and the pressure that puts on the lake, the people who work it, and the living creatures depended on for the harvest to continue.

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